During the last time, there were plenty of opportunities and occasions for reflection and brooding. Different positions, reactions, ideas and opinions on the pandemic, politics, economy, wars around the world every day, followed by accordingly different actions. Some of these let your own world-view crumble, others give hope and strength. Here is the possibility to form an overall picture, to analyze it and to recognize a lot. Existing problems and conflicts are shifting. Fronts are softened or become dramatically stronger. This project shows me or anyone else in the process of this reflection. Our faces and gestures all speak the same language. They do not show any answers. Solutions we can only get it if we share our findings and do it together.


I was born 1968 in Austria

Since my early childhood, I'm very interested in photography and how it works. I started focusing on technical optics, but photography has soon become increasingly important. In 1998 my work was honored with a membership by the Professional Association of Visual Artists of Austria regional association Carinthia.

Study stays in Malta, Italy, France, Mauritius, East Asia and Mexico opened great opportunities to create expression more diverse. I have researched special techniques by myself, create simple lenses myself and love historical optics

Until now, a number of exhibitions and projects followed,exhibited at Alpen-Adria Galerie Klagenfurt, BV Galerie Klagenfurt, Palais Ehrfeld,among others.

As already stated in the entry,at the moment I am studying, in fact i do so all the time and always will do so.

And about the technical part: Impossible is not an option!

One of my special

Personal Trainers

 My lovely,Historical Brass Lens , Handmade 1896, Image circle adjustment by me, adaptet to M42

Making Of`s

Certificate of Authenticity

Of course, each artwork is signed and stamped by myself and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The stamped corners needs to fit to the stamps on the artwork

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